Modeling & Simulation

Simulating your system allows you to analyse dynamic behavior, engage in control design and optimize designs early on. Modeling physical systems, state machines and controls; we can assist.

Simulating Event Driven Systems

Need to develop state-machines or controls for large scale processes? Event driven systems can also be simulated and optimized for indicators like latency, throughput and packet loss. Let us help.

Control System Design

Designing PID controls, supervisory stateflow control, automated tuning of SISO and MIMO control architectures, pre-production calibrations. We can develop your closed-loop models and perform control design.

Development Process

Rapid Control Prototyping, Hardware in the Loop, Automated Testing. The V-Cycle approach lets you perform the last thing first: testing and refactoring early on, reducing the risk of costly recalls and on the fly issue resolution.


Transform your development work

Model Based Design improves product quality and typically reduces development time by 50% or more. We have experience with its implementation: from management consulting to modeling, control design and deployment to prototyping targets or into production. We can assist at any stage of your process.